I Need Blue

From Ironman Competitor to Quadriplegia; A Family's Journey of Survival Through Love & Laughter

January 23, 2023 Jennifer Lee, Sean, Abby, and Perry Season 3 Episode 2
I Need Blue
From Ironman Competitor to Quadriplegia; A Family's Journey of Survival Through Love & Laughter
I Need Blue
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Witness the power of resilience and never stop fighting, with Sean and his family's inspiring story on I Need Blue Podcast.

Sean was a triathlete who, five years ago, was in a car accident which left him paralyzed from the chest down. He, his daughter Abigail and son Perry, shared their story of the initial emotional and mental struggle they all faced following the accident. When Abigail and Perry saw Sean in the hospital, they were struck by shock, as he was completely bandaged up and unrecognizable. Through the support of his friends, family, and his mother’s presence, Sean was able to fight for his life and be present for his children.  

This is a powerful episode, which at times will bring tears to your eyes when you hear how this family values love and support. Plus, we all sing a song which has special meaning to them. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

 1. How did Sean's life-changing car accident lead to a powerful story of resilience and strength?

2. What is the Ironman triathlon, and how did it help Sean cope with his trauma?

3. How did Sean's family experience the emotional and mental struggle of his accident, and how did they overcome it?

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The accident
The hospital
The moment Perry saw his dad in hospital
They thought I was dead
Things happen for a reason
Dad is going to live
The emotional and mental journey
Let's talk about mom
Together we sing, "You are my sunshine."