I Need Blue

He saves lives on the job while struggling to save the one closest to him: Jonathan, EMS

February 06, 2023 Jennifer Lee/ Jonathan Season 3 Episode 3
I Need Blue
He saves lives on the job while struggling to save the one closest to him: Jonathan, EMS
I Need Blue
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When his cousin's life is threatened by addiction, Jonathan, a paramedic with Brevard County Fire Rescue, must employ hard love to confront the heartbreaking irony of saving lives on the job, while struggling to save the one closest to him.

Jonathan  was very close to his cousin, who was his childhood best friend. They shared many fun adventures together, but as time went on his cousin fell into addiction with drugs.  Jonathan pleaded with him to stop, but despite his efforts, his cousin was in and out of jail and is now in prison. He understands the  roller coaster of emotions which come from  watching a loved one struggle with addiction.

Jonathan, as a paramedic, knows the harsh reality of the Fentanyl crisis. He has witnessed a family's heartache when a loved one is found unresponsive or in cardiac arrest. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How did Jonathan  cope with his cousin's struggle with addiction?
2. What is the experience of a first responder witnessing the devastating effects of the Fentanyl crisis?
3. How did Jonathan handle heart-wrenching moments with family members of those who have overdosed?

Show notes:

  • Circles of Care - https://www.circlesofcare.org/
  • The Blue Plaid Society - https://blueplaid.org/
  • Space Coast Recovery - http://www.spacecoastrecovery.com/NewSite/
  • Journey Pure - https://journeypuremelbourne.com/
  • Rockledge Fire and Rescue: 321-633-2056 press 0.  Ask to be transferred to the community paramedic, Jonathan Weiss. 

National Help hotlines:
Stay safe tips:

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