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9/11 Surviving Tower One, Miracles, Fate and Inspiration: Ari Schonbrun

February 20, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Ari Schonbrun Season 3 Episode 4
I Need Blue
9/11 Surviving Tower One, Miracles, Fate and Inspiration: Ari Schonbrun
I Need Blue
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Ari Schonbrun was on his way to work on September 11, 2001, when he was asked to fill out a book order for his son. Delaying him, he arrived at the World Trade Center twenty minutes after nine, only to experience a blast that shook the building. Through a series of coincidences, he was saved from being in the elevator when the plane struck the building. 

Experience the incredible journey of survival with Ari Schonbrun, a 911 survivor, and find out how miracles, fate, and inspiration can help you to overcome anything.
Ari Schonbrun is a retired motivational speaker, author, life coach, and podcast host of Whispers and Bricks, who survived the events of 9/11. He uses his platforms to share his story of miracles, fate, and inspiration.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

 1. How did Ari Schonbrun's brush with death on 9/11 reveal a series of coincidences that saved his life?

2. How Ari Schonbrun helped a coworker in pain?

3. How did Ari Schonbrun's cell phone miraculously get reception in the middle of the World Trade Center on 9/11?

4. Why not taking life for granted is so important.

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Why I Survived:  How sharing my story helped me heal from dating abuse, armed robbery, abduction, and other forms of trauma by Jennifer Lee

This book recalls four personal experiences of suspense, suspicion, and survival that ultimately lead to Jen’s life purpose of helping other survivors.

The first story shares her long-distance relationship with a man who poisoned her self-worth and created self-doubt on every level. As if that weren’t enough, her boyfriend of three-years was harboring a secret. How she finally ended this relationship will shock you.

 Six years later, she heard the words “give me all your money!” When she turned around, she couldn't believe what happened next!

Ten years later, she met a creepy guy at a work conference who forced his way into her personal space.

 The final story is different. It’s heart-touching and impactful, inspiring you with the lessons she learned about intentions, faith, and fear that will reinforce your purpose on this Earth. 

 Throughout all the suspense and triumph over fear, you’ll find words of support and pages of resources, helping you to know that you are never alone. 

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The school book order
Headed to Twin Center Tower 1
The explosion
The security office
We are going to be ok
My co-worker Virginia
My cell phone rang
The mystery man who opened the door
The ambulance
The importance of family
I stopped cursing
Why I Survived Book
I took charge
Explaining this to the family
Seeing the tower collapse
I began public speaking
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