I Need Blue

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Losing a Baby - How Music Helped Christine B Find Strength to Cope With Trauma

March 06, 2023 Jennifer Lee/ Christine B Season 3 Episode 5
I Need Blue
Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Losing a Baby - How Music Helped Christine B Find Strength to Cope With Trauma
I Need Blue
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Christine B was a victim of an assault at a high school party, and felt isolated and embarrassed. She grew up in a family where you didn't talk about such things. She found her solace in music, and was determined to leave a legacy and better her life.

Christine B shares her domestic violence story and advocates for other trauma survivors. While she will never forget her painful journey, Christine persevered and overcame the trauma, and eventually was able to talk openly about her experience.

Christine B shares her emotional journey of losing a baby. Finding closure was a journey she is now ready to share.

Today, Christine B is a professional recording artist, producer, and actress who at times has dealt with social media bullying. Hear how she remains positive and drowns out the "noise."

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Christine B was able to transform her trauma and become self-made against the odds.
2. How Christine B's daughter saved her life and how she is honoring her legacy.
3. How Christine B overcame hate and self-destructive behavior to achieve success.

"I will not tolerate anything less than being successful. I will not tolerate anybody just trying to take me down anymore. I will not tolerate anyone trying to say, Christine B is this or Christine B is that. No. I'm at a point in my life right now if you're not calling me to build me up, if you can't be bothered with me, then just stay out of my life."

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Sexual assualt in high school
I became isolated
Being raised in a German family
Sharing with a friend
Losing a baby
Overcome hate
When my musical career began
Relationships and violence
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