I Need Blue

Laura McCarthy: From Mess to Majestic - Addiction, Trauma, Recovery and Hope

March 20, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Laura McCarthy Season 3 Episode 7
I Need Blue
Laura McCarthy: From Mess to Majestic - Addiction, Trauma, Recovery and Hope
I Need Blue
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Experience the power of God-led healing and reclaim your life from addiction with Laura's inspiring story of recovery.

Laura McCarthy was a fourth-generation addict, and growing up in an alcoholic home surrounded by trauma and fear, she found solace in her first nicotine cigarette at the age of eleven. After continuous struggle to control her drinking and drug use, she hit rock bottom and sincerely asked for help from an unknown God. Miraculously, she experienced a spiritual awakening and true recovery, learning to forgive and handle life's struggles with the help of a loving Heavenly Father.

Laura McCarthy is a retired licensed mental health counselor and Master Certified Addictions Professional with the State of Florida. She is a passionate advocate for recovery, providing resources and support to those struggling with addiction and mental health. She is the author of Mess to Majestic, a true story of recovery from trauma, shame and addictions.

Here's what I cover with Laura McCarthy in this episode:
1. Laura shares the behind-the-scenes story of her addiction and recovery.
2. We discuss the process of healing from trauma and addiction.
3. How can one maintain a personal relationship with God to support sobriety?

"Recovery is possible, that recovery is so much more than just not drinking or drugging, that literally there's healing. And healing is not forgetting. It's actually remembering with less pain." -Laura McCarthy

Information about Brevard Recovery Fest:
Saturday Sept 9th, 2023
Wickham Park - Regional Pavilion
2500 Parkway Drive,  Melbourne, FL


To purchase Laura's book: Mess to Majestic: A True Story of Recovery and Healing from Trauma, Shame, and Addictions with Biblical and Clinical Insights
Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Mess-Majestic-Recovery-Addictions-Biblical/dp/B08N1G2BLY/ref=sr_1_1?crid=26MSZ25NWTM11&keywords=laura+mccarthy&qid=1682353824&sprefix=laura+mccarthy%2Caps%2C142&sr=8-1

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Why I Survived:  How sharing my story helped me heal from dating abuse, armed robbery, abduction, and other forms of trauma by Jennifer Lee

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