I Need Blue

Living with Passion: Dr. Diely's Journey as a Physician, Wife, Mother & Cancer Survivor

April 03, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Dr. Diely Season 3 Episode 8
I Need Blue
Living with Passion: Dr. Diely's Journey as a Physician, Wife, Mother & Cancer Survivor
I Need Blue
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Dr. Diely is a physician, life coach, and best-selling author who speaks on living with passion as a physician, wife, mother, and cancer survivor. She is a recovering overachiever and has reinvented her life twice, learning to forgive herself and find true love.  Her cancer diagnosis made her realize life is too short. This inspired her to spread love and joy instead of fighting death. 

As a mother of a special needs child,  Dr Diely learned what unconditional love means through her special relationship with her daughter.  Dr. Diely realized her own love and success did not need to be earned, and has dedicated her life to teaching this to others. She encourages her listeners to prioritize unconditional love and values, and reminds them that there is always hope.

Her message of recovery, self love, resilience, hope, and breaking patterns will resonate with you.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to develop self-validation and find success without relying on external motivators.

2. How to rediscover joy in learning and apply it to your daily life.

3. How to foster unconditional love for yourself and others, and use it to teach important values.

4. How to teach your children values and validate their worthiness.

Contact Dr Diely:
Email: joyfullysuccessfulcoaching@gmail.com
Website: https://joyfullysuccessful.com/
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