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Why He Didn't Kill Her: Melissa’s Story of Regaining Strength

April 17, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Melissa Season 3 Episode 9
I Need Blue
Why He Didn't Kill Her: Melissa’s Story of Regaining Strength
I Need Blue
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Melissa is a survivor of domestic violence, sharing her story of strength, adversity, regaining independence, and finding inner peace. 

 Melissa  thought she had found a perfect relationship and was excited to be with her new partner. Despite red flags, she was blinded by the feeling of being loved and accepted. Her honeymoon phase didn't last long and soon the verbal and physical abuse started. Isolated with no family, Melissa was unable to escape. After a year and a half, Melissa confided in her family, who saw the physical abuse, and took matters into her own hands by seeking counseling. With the help of her job, she was able to slowly build her confidence and protect herself and her son.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

 1. How did Melissa  navigate an abusive relationship and the manipulation tactics of her partner?

2. How did Melissa  find the strength and courage to protect herself and her child in an isolated environment?

3. How did Melissa's job become a saving grace and help her to find her way out of the abusive relationship?

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The honeymoon stage
Red flags
The first time I saw the violence
I find out I'm pregnant
I saw this on TV
Seeking help through counseling
The first time the abuser left
Calling the police & filing a report
The moment reality set in
The strength inside of us
Being a survivor and a parent
Leaning on God
Ending with a prayer