I Need Blue

Dr. Marianne Thomas Reveals Her Trafficking Story and How To Escape The Darkness

July 17, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Dr. Marianne Thomas Season 3 Episode 16
I Need Blue
Dr. Marianne Thomas Reveals Her Trafficking Story and How To Escape The Darkness
I Need Blue
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We can change the world if we all take a stand and say, 'This is not okay.' - Dr Marianne Thomas

Are you a survivor of human trafficking seeking hope and healing? If you've been told to forgive and forget simply, but are still struggling with the trauma you've endured, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore the inspiring journey of Dr. Marianne Thomas and learn about the true path to healing after facing the horrors of exploitation. Let's untangle the complexities of post-trafficking life and discover the transformative power of faith and forgiveness in mending the soul. Don't suffer alone - tune in and find the hope you've sought.

Dr. Marianne Thomas is a strong advocate for survivors of human trafficking, having faced her own traumatic experiences. With a PhD in Behavioral Psychology and an MA in Mental Health Counseling, she has dedicated over 15 years to providing counseling and mentorship for abused and trafficked individuals. As the founder and president of My Name, My Voice, Marianne and her team of experts offer education and consultation for organizations looking to develop or expand their anti-trafficking programs. A public speaker driven by passion, she also shares her story to help others overcome self-sabotage and embrace forgiveness.

Key takeaways:

·       Dive into the chilling story of Dr. Marianne Thomas surviving the grips of human trafficking.

·       Comprehend the dire need for a sanctuary and support system for trafficking survivors.

·       Unravel the complexities faced by former trafficking victims re-entering society.

·       Discover the journey of resilience and recovery in the aftermath of trauma.

·       Explore the impact of spirituality and forgiveness in healing emotional scars.

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Fort Myers, FL. 33902

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