I Need Blue

A Powerful Voice Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma Survivors- Ann Marie Conklin

June 19, 2023 Jennifer Lee/ Ann Marie Conklin Season 3 Episode 14
I Need Blue
A Powerful Voice Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma Survivors- Ann Marie Conklin
I Need Blue
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National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Ann Marie Conklin, a resilient survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, joins Jen Lee on the podcast to share her powerful journey for the first time. Ann Marie has dedicated her life to helping others, obtaining two master's degrees in psychology and becoming a licensed psychotherapist. Her expertise and experience in helping abuse victims make her a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate for those in need.

Surviving childhood abuse and neglect, Ann Marie's journey to healing is hindered by the innate shame she carries, which is explored through her experiences in an orphanage and as a victim of her sociopathic brother's criminal activity. Her brother was her perpetrator.

You are not responsible for the abuse  you suffered, the neglect and all of it. - Ann Marie Conklin

Do you believe that survivors of childhood abuse can achieve healing and strength? Ann Marie Conklin has the solution to help you reach that goal and discover the possibility of overcoming past trauma with resilience and renewed spirit.

Key take-aways from this episode

  •  Gain insight into the lasting consequences of early-life trauma on mental well-being.
  •  Learn how to foster a supportive and understanding environment to promote healing.
  •  Develop the skills to triumph over negative mindsets and achieve emotional strength.
  •  Realize the importance of vocalizing your experiences and standing up for yourself.
  • Accept the benefits of expressing vulnerability and the role it plays in emotional recovery.

To learn more about Ann Marie and her book, The Grave For The Devil:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a_grave_for_the_devil/

Connect with Jen:
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Purchase  my book: Why I Survived:  How sharing my story helped me heal from dating abuse, armed robbery, abduction, and other forms of trauma by Jennifer Lee

5.0 out of 5 stars What an inspiring book! 

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2023

I  could not put this book down. Jen's detailed stories show  how easy it  is to fall into an abusive relationship.  More important,  she was  strong enough to get out. She is living proof that when life  gives you  lemons, you can make lemonade. This is a must read for anyone  who is  currently in an abusive relationship or has been able to leave an   abusive relationship.
I look forward to following her podcast - I Need Blue.
Thank you, Jen, for sharing your experiences and giving hope to those in similar situations. 

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Anne Marie's Background
Shame and responsibility
Growing up. in an orphanage
Excerpt from A Grave for the Devil
Confronting Childhood fears
Breaking the cycle of abuse
Lack of treatment for abused children
Finding acceptance
Impacting lives
Encouragement and Reflections
Art therapy
Overcoming PTSD
Music and words of comfort