I Need Blue

Surviving a Stalker: My Chilling Encounter

June 05, 2023 Jennifer Lee Season 3 Episode 13
I Need Blue
Surviving a Stalker: My Chilling Encounter
I Need Blue
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Bonus episode
 This is my story. The third one, to be precise. I decided to read a story from my book, Why I Survived, by Jennifer Lee. It was published in February 2023.
 "Never apologize to anyone for trusting your gut" ~ Jennifer Lee
 During a break, a man approached me and asked about my podcast. 

“I’m a survivor of armed robbery and abduction and started my podcast to create a place where survivors of life events can share their stories. I focus on uncomfortable topics—domestic violence, human trafficking, fentanyl, the foster care system, etc. I partner with local, national, and international organizations providing trauma survivors resources. In addition, I put a spotlight on the unique traumas our first responders face,” I replied. 

I asked him the same question. As he spoke, I was listening to him, but I was also observing him. “I interview people who . . .” His words were being drowned out as I developed a feeling that something wasn’t right. My instincts were alerting me to pay attention. He finished speaking and asked if he could take our picture. “Sure,” I said. We exchanged business cards and headed off in our directions, the something- isn’t-right feeling lingering after he walked away. 
 Saturday morning Matt and I walked the conference center halls, burning off some calories from breakfast. We passed Creepy Guy as he headed in the opposite direction. At this point, I walked past him with my head down, not wanting to acknowledge his presence. “He watched you the whole time as he passed us,” Matt told me. 
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