I Need Blue

Healing from Sexual Assault & the Murder of Her Brother: Dharasena's Fight for Justice

July 31, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Dharasena Season 3 Episode 18
I Need Blue
Healing from Sexual Assault & the Murder of Her Brother: Dharasena's Fight for Justice
I Need Blue
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Her strength was tested by sexual assault and the murder of her brother, but what happened next was the unexpected twist that left us in awe. You won't believe how Dharasena found healing and forgiveness in the face of unimaginable adversity.
 God brought you and me here today for me to release this forgiveness onto you so that we both can heal from this event. ~ Dharasena
To reach out to Dharasena, email:  journey2overcome@gmail.com
Dharasena would love to pray with you or pray for you.

This is Dharasena's story:

Dharasena's journey is a heart-wrenching tale of strength and resilience despite facing horrific experiences of sexual assault and the loss of her brother. Her story begins at a party where she was assaulted by an authoritative figure, only to be met with retaliation and disbelief when she reported the incident. As Dharasena coped with the trauma, she faced another tragic event – the murder of her younger brother. Driven by an unwavering determination to seek justice, she investigated the case, neglecting her healing. This neglect led to addiction as she tried to navigate the PTSD symptoms left by her trauma. One day God spoke to her, and thus her healing journey began. 
 Dharasena shares how she forgave the man who murdered her brother. She explains how forgiveness helped her move on from the anger and fear holding her back and allowed her to start trusting people and going out in public again.
 The conversation ends with a positive note on sharing your smile with the world. 

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Purchase  my book: Why I Survived:  How sharing my story helped me heal from dating abuse, armed robbery, abduction, and other forms of trauma by Jennifer Lee

5.0 out of 5 stars What an inspiring book! 

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2023

I  could not put this book down. Jen's detailed stories show  how easy it  is to fall into an abusive relationship.  More important,  she was  strong enough to get out. She is living proof that when life  gives you  lemons, you can make lemonade. This is a must read for anyone  who is  currently in an abusive relationship or has been able to leave an   abusive relationship.
I look forward to following her podcast - I Need Blue.
Thank you, Jen, for sharing your experiences and giving hope to those in similar situations. 

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