I Need Blue

A 9/11 Survivor's Journey: Uncovering the Profound Impact of Small Decisions with Charlie

September 11, 2023 Jennifer Lee/Charlie Season 3 Episode 21
I Need Blue
A 9/11 Survivor's Journey: Uncovering the Profound Impact of Small Decisions with Charlie
I Need Blue
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What if a seemingly small decision could change your life forever? In this gripping podcast, Charlie shares his journey from a successful Wall Street professional to a filmmaker, exploring the profound impact of his choices along the way. 

 September 11th, 2001, and the attacks on the World Trade Center is a day Charlie will never forget. He shares the "survivor guilt" many felt and continue to feel today.  He is raw and honest in his account of what happened and how it impacted his decisions moving forward.  

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Early Career Choices
Life Changes
Commuting and his daily routine
Unexpected delays
Realization of the attack
Impact on Colleagues
Survivors guilt
The personal experience
Reflecting on humanity
Processing the trauma
Introduction and love for films
Raw content and criticism
Emotional impact of the tragedy